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Frequently Asked Questions


The ashes of your loved family member, friend, or pet get infused into molten glass to create the piece of your choosing. Any unused ashes are mailed back with your order, except for international orders. If you would like a design as a non-cremation piece, contact us. 

Where do I send ashes?

Send ashes and your instructional note/complete form to:

Joe Crisanti 18602 E. Poco Vista, Rio Verde AZ, 85263

How many ashes do I send?

Mail a very small amount of ashes; 1 teaspoon is enough for 3 pendants, or one paperweight. Send to the address above. The container can be anything that will not open or spill during shipping. Pet or human ashes. 

What do I send the ashes in?

They can be in anything you want; so long as it won't spill. A sealed envolope, plastic baggie, plastic container, pill bottle, etc. 

Yes, we can send a collection kit with instructions that you can easily prepare and take to your local Post Office.

Just head over to Crisanti Glass on Etsy which has been up for many years, and read reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. , if you are still not sure, send the package with a signature required form from you post office.

Send us an email! We are looking to expand, in all parts of the country. 


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