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What is Dichroic Glass??

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Dichroic Glass (pronounced dye-cow-ick) glass is composed of two Greek words “di” for two, and “chroma” for color. It was named for its outstanding multi-colored and reflective properties. According to web-lore, the National Aeronautics and Space group developed this glass for use in satellites and other special "space" equipment that needed a reflective coating. Dichroic Glass helped them achieve their goals.

Creating this glass is not a simple task, and requires a very complex technique. The glass is created by utilizing high temperature vacuum chambers, vaporizing elector-guns, and high temperature kilns. Quite the process.

This process vaporizes metallic oxides (such as magnesium or titanium) and may require 15 to 45 layers (thinner than a strand of hair) to determine the final look of the glass. Manufacturing does not include the use of paints, dyes or any other kind of coloring agents, but sometimes the colored glass is coated with an agent that bends light to reflect colors just like lead glass crystals makes full spectrum colors shine on a wall.

Crisanti Glass uses this incredible glass to make very special cremation memorials by blending your loved ones ashes within the colors you select.


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